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May 21st 2006

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February 2008.

Thanks for your patience. It really takes me a while to do anything on the website. I am learning as I go and hope to update it more frequently. We have been back to Egypt a couple of times since I last updated so I have put some pictures from our trip online. We went to Cairo and the pyramids back in January '07, then went to Luxor and the Valley of the Kings back in October. Both trips were amazing and I am sure the pictures don't really do them justice. We have started looking for a summer house and will put on some pictures if we find one. It also means that you all have another reason to come visit us :-).

dpmcb 9-2-8

This picture was taken at the waterfront that is about 150m from our apartment. Most of these buildings have been built since we moved in to our apartment. It is also Bailly's favourite place for a swim. The water is freezing but she doesn't seem to mind.


It's getting closer....the big four-o. I am sure that most of you will be surprised to hear that I am turning 40 next year. I am not at liberty to divulge the secrets of what keeps me looking so young so please stop e-mailing me and asking for the recipe.